Friday, February 17, 2012

Hexotica Stores Are Open Again!

After a two-month hiatus while I visited my family in the U.S., my online stores are back open and in full swing again!

Picture By Daniel Bostrom. Model is wearing Hexotica's Ravishing Ruffles Choker and Strolling Seduction marabou garter.

As before, every Friday I will post about a featured product, event, or an awesome prize giveaway. Only, for the next couple of months there may not be a regular flow of new designs, as I am currently working full-time, in order to help my boyfriend begin his freelance architecture and graphic design business, S||N Architecture and Design, as well as to do some new projects, photo shoots, and more offline marketing. In other words, because I'll be working my little tail off, it may be a while before you see the new stuff! (By the way, anyone need an architect or graphic designer??) heh heh.

So, if you you are either a long-time or new reader and have never browsed through the hundreds of handmade pretties that I create, go take a peek now and tell me what you like, back here or on my Facebook page! (Cue operator's voice) Your feedback is very important to me, and keeps me motivated and inspired to keep creating! :D 

All of my handmade dark cabaret fascinators, garters, chokers, cuff bracelets, beaded necklaces, nipple pasties, parasols, and other accessories are available through my:

Or you can order directly by contacting me on my Facebook page or email.

Thank-you for your support!


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