Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Hair

One of the reasons I haven't done any outfit posts since I've been back in Melbourne is because my hair needed some TLC ASAP, and I just haven't the time for my old, work-from-home hairstyle--which took an hour to blow-dry the fringe, brush out, hot-roll, pin-up, and wax-gel-spray-whatever in order to have a polished and glossy 'do for a night out. And that was just for a night out! Now that I work full-time again I don't have time for all that, and I also did not want to induce so much damage to it on a daily basis. Yet, I also hate to always have it pinned up or in a pony tail, my fringe a wreck by the end of the day. So, I got new hair!

My friend Fer runs Fer Le Noir, a new Victorian-styled salon in a nearby neighborhood. I'd never had a hair cut from her, so I thought I'd support her new business and check out her skills with a pair of scissors, with a bottle of wine of course. 

I had about 20 cm/ 8" cut off, and am allowing my fringe to grow out so that I can do a daily 1930's styled marcel-wave set overnight, which is easy as pie and takes no time at all, yet stays in place in a nice wavy fall for 2-3 days. Unlike most hair stylists, Fer did not break out the dreaded hair straightener, but actually curled and styled my hair as close to the picture that I brought in for her to work by. My hair is very thin and the day was very humid, so the curls did not stay in quite so well, but I was impressed that she could do as much as she did with my fringe in just 15 minutes or so. 

I'm definitely making her my regular stylist now, and am planning to have even more cut off on my next visit. It's been super easy and quick to have a nice daily style for work now with shorter hair. I'm not missing my long hair in the least! 

I highly recommend Fer Le Noir to anyone in the Melbourne area. Her cuts are very reasonably priced, she uses all organic hair products, and she is a fantastic conversationalist to boot! :)

Have you made any changes to your hair lately?


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