Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rouge Fonce - 'Devious Eyes'

In the mood for sultry, seductive, silkiness? 

Rouge Foncé are a dark cabaret, five-piece rock band from Melbourne. With provocative vocals, haunting melodies, and macabre storytelling, Rouge Foncé brings together the worlds of rock and burlesque. They often have burlesque noir dancer Kerryx perform during their set. This video, released in January, was filmed at our lovely Burlesque Bar, Fitzroy.

"Once described as “The Dresden Dolls meets Hole”, their live show is not one to be missed."

I haven't seen them live yet but I think they would be fun; the Burlesque Bar is always a blast-- from what I can remember from the times I've been!

It seems Melbourne is a hive for dark cabaret right now--I've come back to hear half of my friends say they have had sightings of Amanda Palmer, who is currently living in my part of town for the next couple of months while recording a new album. She's doing stuff all over town--even a free ukelele performance in our town square last night!  I have tickets to see her perform up the street on the 28th. And last weekend Voltaire was in town, though sadly I missed him as I had friends to catch up with. Best of all, there is a new cabaret club that is scheduled to open in March, Bohemia. It looks fantastically decadent--I can't wait to see it!


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