Saturday, February 11, 2012

Travel: Hotels in L.A. and the Sabeto Mountains, Fiji

My journey back to Australia took four long days. I had super bad-luck with all of my flights--four out of four flights with the Fijian airline Air Pacific were delayed--out of Melbourne, out of Fiji, and two months later, out of L.A. and out of Fiji again. What crazy bad luck! At least I got put up in a Marriot Hotel for the 13 hour overnight delay out of L.A.!  I had enough time to enjoy a fine dinner with a generous voucher, do yoga in the morning, then order breakfast in my room with another voucher.

My fruit platter, bagel, and fresh coffee at the Marriot, L.A.

A small view of Los Angeles

The beautiful abstract photography hotel wall art in my room...

After a 10 hour flight, it was back to Fiji, arriving late at night in the pouring rain. Just a week before Fiji had had massive flash floods, and the little town of Nadi I had visited previously had been waist-deep in water. My opportunity to visit the local orchard garden had been blighted, but I still enjoyed the lovely hotel I stayed at in the foothills of the Sabeto Mountains. The drive out to it was on a road of more pot-holes than road, and leaping frogs crossing every which direction.

The views from my window were breathtaking!

As I was the only guest at the time, the lovely owner upgraded my room to her best suite. It wasn't air-conditioned, but as it was the cool season in Fiji it felt fine; just warm and comfortably humid. I spent the night under this romantic mosquito net listening to the rain, enjoying the breeze through the open windows and the ceiling fan. It was heavenly!

I spent most of the afternoon sipping coffee at the hotel restaurant and petting some of the owner's super friendly six cats and five dogs. I love staying at hotels with this kind of character and friendliness.

I don't say this about a lot of places, but I really want to come back to the Stoney Creek Hotel in Fiji someday. It was just so peaceful and beautiful, and I'd love to see that nearby orchard garden. Perhaps after an island-hopping visit, it would be an ideal place to unwind before flying out. It's much prettier than most of the hotels near the Nadi airport.

BIG SURPRISE: the fourth, final fucking flight was delayed by six hours!!! Luckily, it wasn't overnight this time. I spent the hours writing in my diary and having a couple of Fiji beers. My free meal ticket number: 13! Huh!

So that was my journey there and back again. I'm back in Melbourne now, re-adjusting to summer having come straight out of winter in Atlanta. There's friends to catch up with, clubbing to be had, a March birthday party to plan, and a couple of dear friends' big-ass wedding coming up, with one of my best friends returning for it from London for a couple of weeks. Oh, and getting back into full-time work after years working for myself, mostly. But best of all for my dear blog followers--things will be back to normal around here, and I'll finally get to show off all the awesome clothing I bought in the U.S.!  ;D


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