Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two New Rings!

It's theme day over at the exquisite gothic fashion blog, Sophistique Noir, and though I'm not at home with my ring collection, I do have two NEW, very different styled rings that are truly awesome and worth sharing a post in the theme:

First is this amazing spiked ring that I found at Macy's. The spikes are on rings so they move around a little, and they are lightweight and dull enough to not catch on anything. I happen to have also recently bought a pair of gun-metal heels that will match this ring in an outfit when I get back home!

Then there is this foxy gem, a present from my older sister. She saw me eyeing it at Pier-1 Imports and secretly went back to buy it for me for Christmas. I also JUST HAPPENED to find the PEFECT match in shoes for this little guy--black and gold sequin 80's flats at an amazing Goodwill in St. Petersburg. I can't WAIT to make an outfit with these when I'm home!

So glad I got my shit together for one of her themes at last! I edited these pics while sitting while on a plane from Atlanta to L.A.! 

To see more rings in the theme or add your own ring-themed post, head on over to Sophistique Noir's Blog.

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