Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Outfit: Farewell, America

On my last evening in Atlanta with my family, I managed to get some photos of a new outfit I put together for my farewell party. Though I did a lot of shopping, I couldn't coordinate many things very well, but this simple outfit worked well for a very domestic celebration among children, dogs, tea, and a lot of desserts.

These are the vintage earrings I bought in Helen, Georgia. I collect old clip-ons like these now--I just love how huge and grandmotherly they are.

Everything worked well around this gorgeous embroidered skirt I found at a Goodwill. My love of colorful prints on black got really out of hand on my visit in the U.S.! But I found such cool stuff...

Like these sparkling black-glitter ballet flats, which were brand new at only $4. I'm such a bargain shopper!

By the way, all these pics were taken while I was cooking a warm sticky date pudding for my family. The idea was an after-dinner, all-coffee, tea and desserts get together. Everyone brought good joe or something sweet, so I thought I'd make my favorite Australian dessert because nobody had had it before and it's the bomb.

Our desserts and tea table. I had to fight back everyone to get a picture of it before it was all gone--it was so mouth-watering to look at!

Me again, grinning with my sugar buzz.

My shoes agian, because I really adore the sparklies in life.

Whole outfit. I'm wearing a teal-colored tee under a fur-trimmed cardigan with an elastic waist belt.

And this is a picture of the room I've been staying at in my mother's house for the last two months. The bed is the same one I grew up in; my younger sister and I had a matching set in the room we shared up until I was 14. I bought the vanity myself with allowance money when I was 15. This room is now my nieces' room when she stays with my mother--I would never have lived in a yellow room!

 And this is my beloved jewelry armoire, my sweet sixteen birthday gift. I miss it terrible because there are NO armoires like it in Australia. There are some very small ones, but none this big or well-made. I am going to have it shipped to Australia this year to finally replace the makeshift-armoire/bathroom cabinet I've been storing my jewelry in for the last 5 years. See my old post on jewelry armoires here to know what I'm talking about. I love armoires!

My sister-in-law very kindly gave me a set of my deceased grandmother's vintage jewelry; a jade-green agate necklace and matching bracelet. It matches a little witch I found in my niece's toy box nicely.

Forlorn-looking face captures how I really felt. I'm not happy to be leaving Atlanta. It may be years before I see all my family again. It always hurts to say good-bye. My mother visits almost every year, but none of the rest of family can get away. 

Anyway, it was a great trip. I caught up with my family, did a bit of travel and touristy stuff, bought lots of nice gifts and thrifted finds, and I enjoyed having the time to blog, read, and go through all of my old junk in order to have it ready to ship to Australia. Now to go home and pay for it all!

Outfit details:
Sweater, skirt, shoes: Thrifted
Teal tee: Wal-Mart (I had a gift certificate!)
Earrings: Antique shop in Helen, Georgia


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